Episode 13: Maud Martha

Welcome to One Bright Book! Join our hosts Rebecca, Frances, and Dorian as they discuss MAUD MARTHA by Gwendolyn Brooks and chat about their current reading.

For our next episode, we will discuss THE STONE ANGEL by Margaret Laurence. We would love to have you read along with us, and join us for our conversation coming to you in April.

Episode #13: Maud Martha

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Books mentioned:

And you might be interested in:

Gwendolyn Brooks, Maud Martha, and Other Immortal Mortals https://lithub.com/gwendolyn-brooks-maud-martha-and-other-immortal-mortals/

Nobody Knows My Name: Manuel Muñoz on Gwendolyn Brooks’s Maud Martha https://www.loa.org/news-and-views/891-nobody-knows-my-name-manuel-munoz-on-gwendolyn-brookss-maud-martha

“We Real Cool” https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poems/28112/we-real-cool

On Eileen Myles’ Inferno, and the “Poets Novel”https://lithub.com/on-eileen-myles-inferno-and-the-poets-novel/

Inferno (a poet’s novel) by Eileen Myles – https://www.orbooks.com/catalog/inferno-a-poets-novel/

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